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Renewable Energy

What is the next big thing?   Free power.

While many had a dream of mobile phones, internet, instant communications, others are now working on making energy free to everyone.

From the rational point of view, there should be no problem to have free power.  Indeed technically both solar and wind energy is free today (excluding of course that the needed initial investment into equipment and space).   One does not have to pay for sun.


Renewable energy is trendy.  Environment friendly is trendy.  It is hence trendy, especially in the Europe to set the trendy targets on use of renewable energy.   The targets are very ambitious, and being law, they will drive up the price of the renewable energy (and indeed overall cost of energy too).

EU Directive

This is what we are talking about... take a look at Nanosolar Inc...

How to make money?

Vision Finance is involved with number of greenfield projects, including:
  - wind farms
  - biomass power stations and heating plants
  - compression of biomass into small cubes used in home fireplaces

Vision Finance is also able to structure a note linked to the renewable energy participants, such as battery producers and transmission companies.

1. Investment into renewable energy producers:


Vision Finance is currently involved with raising of financing for the biomass plants in Poland, as well as Wind Farms in Poland.  Please contact us for more information on how you can get involved.

2.  Investment into renewable energy support companies

Research Institutes
Battery manufacturers