At Vision Finance we aim to provide you with the new perspective to world events, longer run foresight, an accurate vision into what is really happening.  

We rely on industry expertise, banking and academia alike.

We also aim to ensure that there is no conflict of interest between the research we publish and the business that we conduct.

There are four principal elements to the research at Vision Finance.

Market Commentary

Our market commentary is designed to challenge existing views.  Readers are welcome to provide their comments.

Being multi-asset, weekly market commentary will cover fixed income markets, equities and commodities.

13th April 2011 Market Commentary The Dead Snake Can Still Bite 
31st March 2011  Market Commentary Quo Vadis Timothy?  and  The Curious Case of Portugal 
26th February 2011 Market Commentary  VF Macro Outlook, or The Big Picture of the Big Picture 
4th February 2011 Market Commentary What do Germany and China have in common? 
28th January 2011 Market Commentary  The Return of the Bear (or the entire family of Bears) 
22nd January 2011  Market Commentary  UK Interest Rates as UK Debt Passes the symbolic GBP 1 trillion 
10th December 2010 Market Commentary  UPDATE  
4th October 2010 Market Commentary   Banking Sector - Part II -  Deposit Insurance Schemes
29th September 2010 Market Commentary   Beggar Thy Neighbour - or how far will devaluation go!
20th September 2010 Market Commentary   Inflation, Stagflation, Hyperinflation  
14th September 2010 Market Commentary   Basel 3  
5th September 2010 Market Commentary   5th September 2010  
12th August 2010 Market Commentary    BIG PICTURE:  12th August, 2010  22:48  

Specific Topics

Special topics will be covered on the case by case basis.

Readers are welcome to propose the topics that they would like to see covered.

Client Ordered Research

Research today is much more than PEs and SWAT analysis.  

To have the edge today, one has to be creative with the research one conducts.

While staying within the legal limits, and respecting the rules on inside information, you can still conduct investigative research in order to gain better insight into the events that surround you.

If you are analysing manufacturers and producers, monitor the performance of their underlying saloons.  If you are  analysing services, monitor their demand.  Be ahead of the times, order your own custom designer research.

At Vision Finance we will assist you with designing the research, and if possible with its undertaking.  Be the first to know.  Do your own research.


In recognition of the modern technology, we are also on Twitter, and we aim to communicate out market thoughts and research updates via our Twitter username VisionFinance.

In addition, all the Twitter feeds can be read on our webpage Twitter Feed.