Vision Finance Future


In life, as in finance, there are two variables that are of key importance:

                  1.  TIME

                  2.  VOLATILITY

This is how companies are priced, this is how options are priced, and these are even the rules by which some people lead their lives.  Two things matter... how much time we have left, and how volatile this period can be.

It is with these two principles, that Vision Finance focuses on conductin its industry research, making it both unique for our clients, who see Vision Finance as one of the kind financial wizzards, and leading structurers of transactions and value generators.  In addition to this, we have a cost efficient reseach team, as the house built with good foundations will stand longer than the one built without them.

Below you will find some of the presentations that we have done with the focus on The Future.  

We are aware that this list is not complete, and are even aware that there are people out there currently conducting the research at the much more marginal level, like fourth generation of Nuclear Power stations for instance, which is still non-core area to the activities of Vision Finance.  Still, we hope that you will enjoy the read, and as always we welcome all your comments.

Vision for Agriculture


Vision for Alternative Energy

Oil Production Enhancement

Alternatives for Matured Oil Reserves

Geothermal Energy

Vision for Agriculture: Biofuels

Future of Transmission Lines

Vision for the Future of Air Travel

Vision for Healthcare

Vision for the Future: Biotechnology

Importance of Chemistry


Future of Gaming

Future of Construction

Floating Stadium

Steel Industry: Metallurgy

Future of Aluminium Smelting

and most importantly...