Government Clients

Our direct and honest relationships with the government institutions ensures that we are well positioned to understand the specific mechanics and dynamics of dealing with the Government institutions.

We understand that Governments need to be extra careful in their decision making processes, ensuring that the full scope of alternatives has been analysed and that there is a specific need to to the given transaction.

Vision Finance will work with the government ensuring full confidentiality of the project in mind.

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We offer a wide range of services to numerous clients, including:

    - Ministries of Finance

    - Central Banks

    - Development Banks

    - Sovereign Wealth Funds

    - Municipalities and comunal companies

    - Privatisations

    - Infrastructure and project finance (power, energy, roads, stadiums, swimming pools, airports)

    - Financial Supervisory Bodies

    - Strategic Commodity Hedging

    - Catastrophe Hedging

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