We would like to send our 11year old son to a local French school / exchange family in your area, for two months (May - June this year) and we are looking for help with ideas and contacts.  THANK YOU.

We would like him to learn French, from a French family, French food, French style, plus it will be something very unique for him.  French Joie de Vivre!

We think that it the global world of today, to arrange this it is not that difficult.  Internet, skype, computers, mobiles. However we are keen to avoid an organized exchange program by a local school in England, as there is frankly nothing French about these trips apart from great location in some old chateau, with all the boys speaking English, and French classes for 3h a day.   We want real France for our son!  We would like this to be a proper French experience, with nice family, great new friends - everyone French of course.  :)  This is the best way to learn French for sure.  Of course we will pay for this experience.

How can you help?  Please give us even guidance only... Hopefully you have kids in one of the local schools and you can at least inroduce us to 
  - the local school headmaster / headmistress / teacher - primary school for 11 year old boy
  - maybe introduce us to a family who have a kid of approximately this age who would be interested to take care of our boy for two months.  We will drop him, and of coure pay for all the expenses, they can visit us, etc.
  - just email us your experiences

We know that this must sound strange to you, though you are on facebook so you know how it is changing the world, but actually we know people who went on these exchange programmes back in the 1990s - albeit usually organized by the organization - but as nothing like this exists today, so we need to structure this ourself.   After all we are sure that we will do a better character check of the potential family oiurself vs outsourcing it to strangers.
Many thanks for your help in this!

kris samberger
dad of Alex, aged 11

PS  sorry to use my corporate site, but I was keen for you to know that we are real, and not trying to sell our kids.  :)  - yes we are very modern :)

We will also provide you with a rerefence about Alex, and will of course deliver / pick him up ourselves and probably visit him few weekends to ensure he is fine.  He is really super nice, smart, plays very well piano, guitar, speaks 3 languages already (but not French yet!), and has been accepted to top UK school to start in September (Westminster) and another one to start in 2013 (Eton) - we will show you letters, you can verify this.  Believe me we will want you to verify us just as we will want to verify you.

 He is sporty, sails, likes football, and is very open minded.  He writes his own games in C++, uses internet, skype, mobiles, and you will not be bothered by him too much.  In fact he is a joy to have around.

We live in London.  Thanks, kris!

PS And this add is not accidental.. you are reading this as you are one of few woman, on facebook, over 35 years of age woman, married, living in one of the villages west of Nice.  We know this as we asked Facebook to only show this add to you, with hope that you will help us.  We also do not want our child to be exposed to some strangers - however the world is a much smaller place today than it ever was. :)