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Mining is one of principal industries which is key to any economy.  In addition it is usually an area that due to its high yields, is one of the first one to invest into the frontier market countries, which are often regarded as too risky for other less yielding areas of economy.

Mining can be done either via tunneling or open-pit, with open pit technology being applicable when the resources are near the surface. Open pit is a cheaper method to extract.

Mining activity carries significant risks during exploration and production phases, with fairly binomial results .  Exploration requires significant amount of geological work, and production often requires not only significant amount of heavy equipment but often also the presence of significant amount of side activity such as smelting plants, electricity plants, water supply.  At times there is also demand for sophisticated equipment such pressure oxidation.

Vision Finance deals with assets that are both of greenfield type, and those already with the established cash flows. Our in house finance structurers as well as external on demand team of geologists is able to assist you with both drafting of the bankable feasibility study, as well as with the disposal of non-core assets.  We also deal with equity swaps that ensure risk diversification and establishment of greater economies of scale, both in terms of financing and machinery purchasing costs.

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