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About the Founder

About Krzysztof (Kris) Samberger

While Vision Finance is a flat structure organization where employees have no official titles, few words should be said about the founder of the company (and creater of the terrible logo which was however inspired by the handwriting of Pablo Picasso - Krzysztof's idol of the arts). 

Kris has been involved with Investment Banking for over 10 years, providing clients in Emerging Markets with value added strategic financial solutions, including
  - derivatives and hedging strategies
  - investment products and investment policies
  - capital raising via loans, debt and leveraged finance
  - M&A solutions, M&A execution and privatizations
  - strategic advice

 Krzysztof's experience comes from years at:

  - JPMorgan, Associate (2000 - 05)
  - Merrill Lynch, Associate (2005 - 07)
  - BNP Paribas, Vice President (2007 - 08)
  - Standard Bank, Senior Vice President (2008 -09)

Please visit the FSA site to see the confirmation of my employment experience. as it was a regulated activity.