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The primarily private owned and technological Pharmaceutical/Biotechnology industry is a multinational industry that is a highly regulated, capital intensive, and is driven by large research and development expenditures.Healthcare sector is being driven by increasing expenditures on healthcare in the developing markets, construction of hospitals and clinics, and establishment of public/private health insurance making companies recognize that they must look increasingly at emerging markets to drive growth.

Emerging markets especially in these sectors have been lands for prospectors in the coming decades. The pharmaceutical multinational companies have been investing largely in the emerging markets and aggressively marketing their products competing with the local companies, which are turning themselves into world class companies, raising the economies of the emerging markets. 

The emerging economies have become lucrative, high-growth markets for Healthcare sector. This shows growth by these sectors and in turn their importance to emerging markets.

Given the bright future in these sectors, Vision Finance works closely with the clients to develop customized solutions by analyzing the characteristics of the clients and anticipating the changes to the industry. Vision Finance does the arrangement of M&A transactions, Capital raising, the privatization practices etc., using innovative methodologies.

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