Market Commentary

Going with the times, from 2012 all our market commentaries are done via facebook.  You may subscribe to them by clicking on the link below.


Some of our commentaries are listed below.

17th October 2011Market CommentaryUpdates: (1) Greek Debt - again and (2) Recent Demonstrations
5th October 2011Market CommentaryIs Protectionism is the Only Way Forward?
23rd Sept 2011Market CommentaryNote on the IMF Forum
16th Sept  2011Market CommentaryRecent Euro Crisis
25th June 2011 Market CommentaryIs it the end of EURO?  VF answer:  Absolutely not.
17th May 2011Market CommentaryCentral Bank Rates 
13th April 2011Market CommentaryThe Dead Snake Can Still Bite 
31st March 2011 Market CommentaryQuo Vadis Timothy?  and  The Curious Case of Portugal 
26th February 2011Market Commentary VF Macro Outlook, or The Big Picture of the Big Picture 
4th February 2011Market CommentaryWhat do Germany and China have in common? 
28th January 2011Market Commentary The Return of the Bear (or the entire family of Bears) 
22nd January 2011 Market Commentary UK Interest Rates as UK Debt Passes the symbolic GBP 1 trillion 
10th December 2010Market Commentary UPDATE  
4th October 2010Market Commentary  Banking Sector - Part II -  Deposit Insurance Schemes
29th Sept 2010Market Commentary  Beggar Thy Neighbour - or how far will devaluation go!
20th Sept 2010Market Commentary  Inflation, Stagflation, Hyperinflation  
14th Sept 2010Market Commentary  Basel 3  
5th September 2010Market Commentary  5th September 2010  
12th August 2010Market Commentary   BIG PICTURE:  12th August, 2010  22:48