Career Opportunities

Bright Sparks Wanted

As a young and very dynamic company we are quickly expanding, constantly in search of great people.

There is no set criteria for talent, apart from:

 - desire to learn

 - desire to work

 - desire to make a lot of money (in our business greed is good)

 - being able to think "long term"

 - ideally Emerging Markets location

 - strong computer literacy skills

 - good command of English

 - outgoing personality

For students, ideally you will have:

 - engineering degree - for our sector coverage roles

 - finance degree - for our product coverage roles

 - economics degree - for our research roles

 - mathematicians and other strict science - various quant roles

For people with experience - there are no set rules.

For more information email  or fill in the form above.

If you can, please send us your CV and tell us where do you see yourself in 2030. Your "vision" is important to us.  

Good luck!