Private Banking Products

Successful Private Banking franchise can be a very powerful fees generator for the banks, and in the current market climate fees and commissions are particularly welcome element on the Income Statement.

The competition for the private banking clients is however very fierce, with many institutions already having captured the trust of various clients. 

Indeed Vision Finance is also providing direct Private Banking services to is clients, albeit on the different level, focusing mainly on the Family Offices Advisory, and rarely on the distribution of specific investment products.

Golden Rules of Wholesale Private Banking

You should ensure that the capital of your clients is protected at least in majority of the cases (or losses say capped at manageable 10%).

It is advisable that the transactions are frequent, maximum two year maturities in order to pocket the fees more often.

The fees structure widely differs, but I have known private banking franchises that have managed to extract some 4% per year from the clients on the proprietary products.  This strategy will however not lead to the retainment of the private banking franchise, which in terms of market capitalisation can be valued at approximately 5 - 10 x annual earnings.

Follow the assets that are trendy and on the bull run.

Our Services

Vision Finance acts as a broker to various investment banks, enabling you to have a wide selection of suitable and beneficial products, designed to match your needs, and that of your clients.

By being able to source investment products from various sources, you and your clients have a wide choice of ratings, currencies and underlying assets to chose from.  You will hence obtain all products and ideas under one roof.

Vision Finance also organises seminars, during which you have an opportunity to  be introduced to many investment products from various sources.

Vision Finance is also pioneering the development of the Private Equity via Private Banking, offering clients ability to invest into various ventures that are not traditionally linked to the financial markets.  The structuring 

Please contact us on for the latest product offering for the private banking clients.  Currently on offer we have a participation in top class hotel in Warsaw, with the tarn structure which aims at providing your clients with annual returns of 30% over the period of four years, with the clearly outlined exit strategy.  We also have various other real estate financing opportunities.