Insurance Companies

Low investment yields present a significant challenge for the Insurance companies and pension funds.

In addition, the fear of inflation means that it is even hard for investors to protect the value of their assets, and never mind actually making the income.

It is hence the reason why we have seen a surge of interest in the cash yielding infrastructure companies, such as pictured Gatwick Airport in London, by various wealth funds and pension funds (Abu Dhabi Investment Authority and South Korea's National Pension Service).

Duration Risk Management

WIth the liabilities going into tens of years for insurance companies and for pension funds, identifying a suitable inflation protecting investments is a prime task.  Vision Finance assists its clients with identifying and subsequently targeting the purchase of the significant assets, such as airports, seaports and other elements that can be perceived as value protecting.

By applying its Portfolio Optimizer, Vision Finance can asses the impact and risk change of making such significant investment.

Pension Funds are welcome to pursue such assets alone, or together.

Investors are also welcome to contact us regarding the investment opportunities into the renewable energy producers, another inflation prawn utility sector, of which a major benefit is that the required funds per projects are  in manageable size (circa USD50m per project).