Investment Ideas

Despite having extensive experience in trading, Vision Finance does not run investment funds.  Indeed we believe that in the world where we have an access to such wide and reputable investment products, offering our clients low management fees and large liquidity, offering yet another investment fund focusing on standard asset class is not the way forward.  Please contact Vision Finance for the list of attractive investment products, that offer 

    - low management fund fees

    - low if not absent hidden fees

    - liquidity

    - full transparency

Vision Finance does however seek for investors in various proprietary engagements, including:

    - interesting real estate opportunities

    - renewable energy

    - telecoms industry

    - internet based industry

    - oil fields

All investments done are by the investor directly, and the investment is held by the investors in the escrow account to offer maximum protection and supervision ability.  Clear investment targets are mapped out, and the companies undergo the adaptation / growth / sell process under the full supervision of the Investor.

Investments are made either directly into the company, or for efficiency reasons via a Special Purpose Vehicle.

Please contact Vision Finance to learn about our latest investment offering.