Vision Finance is a trusted partner for your company.

Its strength derives from the reach of its client franchise, and focus on niche activities, ensuring that full confidentiality is maintained at all times.

You can hence not only tell us what assets you have, or plan to acquire, but also disclose the entire portfolios with view of conducting portfolio optimisation or noticing elements that might not be most welcome by your potential future partners or investors.

Brokerage Services

If you have assets you want to sell, contact us.

If you have assets you want to buy, contact us.

We specialise in illiquid, customized services, though we recognise that in the current market environment even government bonds can be illiquid products.

Our network of Brokerage Partners means that we have direct access to investors into all asset classes, though we recognize that in some of them we might not be able to offer you value (especially if confidentiality is not your prime concern).

Asset classes includes:  international equities and equity derivatives, fixed income bonds, inflation products, structured financings, securitisations, CDOs, CLOs, RMBS, CMBS, real estate, foreign exchange products and commodities.  We also have valuation models for vast majority of multi asset and contingent instruments.

An important asset class that we are also interested in are receivables.  

Asset Repackaging

Depending on the country where you are based, and your regulatory requirements and constraints, we are able to offer you repackaging of various investment ideas, in oder to match your single issuer limits, single risk limits, and other restrictions that you may have.  Our repacks are liquid, often leveraged and done using the balance sheet of one of our respectable partners.

We also conduct more complex repackaging activities, yet as it is still a proprietary technology of Vision Finance, we ask you to contact us if you would like to discuss this issue further.


Valuation Services and Portfolio Mergers and Acquisitions

Our state of the art modelling applications enable you to obtain a valuation on your financial investments, and even entire portfolios of investments.

In addition we are also able to provide you with the valuation of the real assets including real estate, corporations and other ventures that you might have.

Portfolio Optimisation

With the increasingly correlated financial markets, you need to ensure that your risks are equally spread out, and not highly concentrated.  It is easy to think that you are highly diversified, as you have all the different types of securities, but if you are betting the same way, and their correlation is one, you can discover that you are not diversified at all.