Vision Finance Consulting Services  (VFCS)

Though Vision Finance Philosophy & Modus Operandi is predominantly advocating success fee business, there are number of projects where such renumeration is either not possible, or not in the best interest of the client.

Some transactions need to be divided into smaller pieces, where Vision Finance can only work on initial stages, requiring other parties to join at a later stage.

Other transactions do not have a clear definable success trigger for payment, hence we offer our clients Vision Finance Consulting Services.

CLIENTS (click on the link for more details)


Financial Investors including

  - Pension Funds

  - Investment Funds

  - Insurance Companies

  - Private Banking Clients (also via Family Offices advisory) 

Government Institutions including

  - Ministries of Finance

  - Central Banks

  - Municipalities

  - Sovereign Wealth Funds

  - Development Banks

  - Ministries of Economy / Infrastructure / Environment



Financing and Capital Raising  

  - senior debt

  - mezzanine financing

  - equity and warrants

  - guarantees including Export Agencies liason

  - project financing

Asset Advisory

 -  valuation of assets

 -  investment analysis

 -  brokerage of illiquid assets

 - analysis of correlations

 - analysis of investment fees

 - assistance with distribution of investment products

Liability Advisory

  - valuation of liabilities (your liability is somebodys asset)

  - balance sheet optimization strategies

  - liability substitution

  - strategy and negotiation of liabilities management

Financial Risk Management

  - valuation of swaps and other financial derivatives

  - valuation of counterparty credit risks

  - strategies with respect to SPVs

  - assistance with ISDA and CSA negotiations

  - credit mitigating structures

  - optimization strategies, incorporating assets, liabilities and financial derivatives

  - catastrophe hedging and weather derivatives

Corporate Finance

  - mergers and acquisitions advisory

  - valuation of companies

  - valuation of acquired company debt (this debt is somebodys asset)

  - advisory on financing options

  - strategic advisory

  - assistance with merger implementation 

External Relations

  - Investor Relations

  - Credit Rating Agencies Relations

  - Banking Relationships consultancy


Our fees depend on the transaction requirements including allocation of work for our Partners and Associates.  Our fees vary from GBP100 per hour for Junior Associates to GBP600 per hour for our Senior Partners.

Each project will be presented with the capped hours and work allocation, enabling clients to manage their costs.


Depending on the type of work Vision Finance might engage our partners in the projects.  This would be presented to you in the initial stages of our consultancy cooperation.

Various tasks will either require a specialist legal knowledge and legal requirements, or specific stock exchange requirements.  We will use different partners to assist you with a listing on the AIM market, and different partners to assist you with the listing on the Warsaw Stock Exchange.

All our partners are carefully selected experienced professionals, with whom Vision Finance has negotiated attractive fees.  Furthermore depending on our arrangements and legal capacity, Vision Finance will take a responsibility for the work done by our partner network.