Private Banking & Family Offices

Vision Finance Private Banker  VFPB

VFPB works for you, the HNWI or UHNWI, protecting your interests, investments, ensuring that the structure is optimal to your tax and personal circumstances, that the legal and accounting fees are low, that there are no tricks being shown by third party private banker over whom you have no control.

VFPB is someone who does not aim to get your assets invested into their own schemes, but who will enable you to ensure that this money is working with you, efficiently for you and your family, without the recourse risk to the global financial markets.

While Vision Finance Bankers have their own views, supported by various independent research and top of the pyramid views, our main role is to ensure that the investment decisions that you take are structured with optimum benefits to you, working for you and minimising needless exposures.  Often, even though the asset class you have selected is of very attractive nature (and its your decision anyway, though we have views too), the structure that you are proposed with is far from perfect, at times costing you upto 5% of the initial invested amount on fees, not to mention suboptimal legal and tax setup.

We will ensure that your interests are protected.  Never again you will lose 5% on fees in a single transaction (we have seen it happen).


For standard role of the Private Banker even greater problem than that of the conflict of interest, is that of supervision and management. While the bankers themselves are usually people of high moral standards and ethics, they still need to work in designated teams to obtain right product structure, credit, trading, legal, tax and other teams, give reports to their management and naturally achieve sales targets.

This means that by very essence of working with a large multi-national corporation, your confidentiality could be at risk.

At Vision Finance we understand confidentiality.  Money is a very private matter.  Identity is a very private matter.

Vision Finance Private Banker:  our services to you and your family offices

1.  analysis of the investment ideas that you are sent by the investment banks

2.  proposal of the investment ideas identified for you, with assurance that no commission is received by Vision Finance if you chose to buy these products.  Investment ideas will include:

       - plain and structured investment ideas  (standard)

       - ability to leverage on your existing assets reinvesting the proceeds into your company or lifestyle

       - ability to structure the trade efficiently in terms of tax planning and legal aspects

       - ability to leverage of your existing knowledge, so that you invest into industries you specialize in

3.  confidential and customized brokerage services on illiquid assets

4.  special projects, including arrangement of the financing for you

           - mortgages

           - aircraft financing

           - yacht financing

           - art and other forms of financing

           - corporate banking for your companies, such as capital raising, M&A activity, supervision work