Services by Client Type

        "Unique Focus by Clients and not by Products"

Vision Finance is structured by Client Groups, recognizing that each group, each client is unique and in need of various types of products and services. We hence do not compete internally for your business. We will discuss with you what is right for your business, and not what is right for us.

At Vision Finance we treat the word "advice" as our duty and responsibility to our clients, and not as a legal risk.

Our range of services is very much dependent on the business that you do.  

Corporations: capital raising, hedging transactions, mergers & acquisitions. Assistance with commodity brokerage. Cash management. Advisory on company policies, shareholder relationships and rating agencies. In-house supervision of strategic financial products such as Eurobonds, syndicated loans and externally advised M&A deals.

Commercial Banks: products focusing on capital raising, strategic balance sheet restructuring including accounting management. Assisting banks with their wholesale business, including private banking products, corporate solutions and structured deposits. M&A transactions, including asset valuation and acquisition financing. Advisory on ratings, regulations and relationships with respective rating agencies, shareholders and Central Banks.

Investors: assistance with asset valuations, repackaging and brokerage services. Analysis and optimization of portfolios. Investment ideas and customised searches for specific assets. Strategic advisory on investment fund M&A activity, fund closures and portfolio valuations. Special focus on Insurance Companies and strategies aimed at tackling specific duration mismatches. Having detailed EM experience, we understand that the impact of your growth rates often is more important than that of the portfolio characteristics, hence we take the growth and demographics into our forecasts.

Government Clients:  dedicated products for Ministry of Finance, Central Banks, Development Banks, SWFs, Municipalities, and other government entities. Capital raising, debt management and optimization, asset management including privatisations and even nationalisations. Economic policy advisory, including securities regulations and banking system management. Strategic solutions such as commodity hedging and even catastrophe hedging.

Private Banking Clients and Family Offices:  advice on investment products, including down to earth description, risk assessment and fair valuations. Customised brokerage services for illiquid and other assets. Arrangement of equity financing on the locked in wealth. Cooperation with Family Offices, and where needed even assistance with setting them up.