Vision for Gaming and Virtual Reality

Vision Finance, being a young and dynamic company has developed a very good understanding of the Gaming industry, of where it is today, and where it will be tomorrow.  First of all we recognise that Gaming is only a start to a much wider use of this technology, as once it satisfies the needs of PS3 and XBox users, it will be quickly rolled out to many real parts of our lives, including business, communications, education, lifestyle, healthcare.  In many ways modern games are already a preludium of the virtual reality, as while all the players are very much real via networking, the environment is abstract and totally virtual.

We recognize it to be amongst the most important parts of the economy of the future, integrating real life with that of virtual reality, enabling a new quality of watching TV, enjoying sporting events, communication.

Vision Finance together with our sister company Vision Gaming invites you to see what the future will look like.