In the times of decentralisation Municipalities are increasingly important in managing the needs and services of the People.

Futhermore, municipalities are in competition with each other to provide services for the People and the Businesses, meaning that the money that is correctly invested could in the long term lead to significant benefits for the local communities. 

Whether it is raising financing for stadiums, swimming pools, airports, roads, bridges or modernisation of water, transport and other utilities, Vision Finance can help you.  

Capital Raising:  on balance sheet

Depending on the Municipality and circumstances, Vision Finance is able to assist your City with raising financing for your city needs.  Depending on where you are located, size and currency of the transaction, Vision Finance would either arrange the financing for you, or assist you in selecting the relevant organisations and ensuring that they raise the money at good levels and in reasonable timing.  Last thing you want to do, is to undergo the issuance process, costing often hundreds of thousands of dollars, to discover, that there is no bond market for your securities.

Use Vision Finance to ensure that the relevant due diligence is done before, as Vision Finance will not be paid on success fee.

Capital Raising:  off balance sheet

PPR, or Public Private Partnership, offers Municipalities an opportunity to partner with private institutions, or its own special purpose companies, to undergo significant infrastructure development.

Vision Finance can assist you with the following roles:

    1. identifying a suitable partner for your PPR schemes

    2. structuring the trade in such way, so that the full financing is done at the company level, not the city level, yet o that the lenders have confidence in the project

    3. raising financing on attractive conditions, from a group of carefully selected institutions that specialize in providing cheap long dated project and infrastructure financing

Vision Finance benefits from the ability of engaging the institutions for you that is most suitable for your requirements.  Other financial institutions are often obliged to pursue all the activities in house.

Risk Management

When there is debt, there is risk.  Interest rates, exchange rates, change on the constant basis.  In some cases, where there is for instance a significant revenue stream from a single industry (natural resources) or tourism, the risks to the city can also be represented by the falling taxes from the core services in which it specialises.

The task of the Treasurer in the modern municipality in addition to raising money, is also increasingly to protect it at local level from economic cycles and other elements of uncertainty.  Number of these functions are being overtaken from the Central governments.

At Vision Finance we can structure and assist you to execute trades aimed at protecting you against:


    1.  changing costs of your debt servicing (interest rate and foreign exchange)

    2.  catastrophies, including flooding, volcanos, earthquakes - often a problem

    3.  weather conditions, especially important if you are a Tourist resort (snow for instance)

    4.  hedging of fuel prices of the local bus companies, ensuring that the ticket prices are constant

Consultancy on Investor Relations and Rating Agency Relations

Our knowledge of rating agencies, gives us a unique ability to act as a liaison officers between them and you, ensuring that  

   - you are kept to date about their concerns and actions

   - you keep them upto date about your actions and planned developments