Equity Financing

The chances are that most of your wealth is locked up in your business, and even though on paper you are a multimillionaire, your spending power or your lifestyle does not reflect this.

Vision Finance can help.

Number of our investors and financial counterparties are willing to lend money that is secured by the equity stakes.  Of course the amount of the actual money and the interest rate that is charged depend on the actual company, its transferability of the shares, its liquidity, and value of course.

Uses of money

The uses of the money can be your deserved consumption:  holiday houses, aircrafts, yachts or art (Vision Finance will also ensure that you obtain extra and much cheaper financing for these activities), but if consumption is not your prime motive, then you can also use this monies to increase your stake in your company, or acquire other investments to your portfolio.  

Equity Financing is an extra form of leverage to your portfolio.  You can hence for instance borrow money at 10%, by pledging your equity,  for which you will purchase even more equity yielding you returns of 30%.  Indeed if the equity you have is liquid enough, Vision Finance can help you to structure a dynamic financing structure, where the leverage ratio will be dynamic.

Our Structuring Expertise

Vision Finance is however an experienced agent in ensuring that the structure of the transaction offers the best structure, incorporating the following elements:

1.  lowest interest rate and highest value to shares (if needed dynamically set)

2.  hedging of the structure for you to ensure, via the floors or collar structure that your assets remain their value

3.  incorporating third parties to provide insurance, enabling banks to significantly reduce their interest rates

4.  structuring the trade via senior and junior notes, ensuring that in terms of the accounting aspects your portfolio  is not at risk from the default of the lender

5.  structuring of the transaction in optimum jurisdiction