Brokerage Services

If you have assets you want to sell, contact us.

If you have assets you want to buy, contact us.

We specialise in illiquid, customized services, though we recognise that in the current market environment even government bonds can be illiquid products.

Our network of Brokerage Partners means that we have direct access to investors into all asset classes, though we recognize that in some of them we might not be able to offer you value (especially if confidentiality is not your prime concern).

Asset classes includes:  international equities and equity derivatives, fixed income bonds, inflation products, structured financings, securitisations, CDOs, CLOs, RMBS, CMBS, real estate, foreign exchange products and commodities.  We also have valuation models for vast majority of multi asset and contingent instruments.

An important asset class that we are also interested in are receivables.  

Please contact us for more information.