Services by Product Area

Vision Finance has adjusted its structure to enable it to fit the Emerging Markets clients.

Our clients are first advices by our experienced Country Representatives, who are best placed to introduce Vision Finance to the client and the value added that Vision Finance brings.

Subsequently client are met by our Industry Specialists, all leading professionals in their field, and all with technical education what enables them to fully comprehend not only the business of the client, but above all the path that this business might take.  This is our edge, and our differentiation.   In many ways we are pioneering the concept of Industry Sales Engineering.

After the industry specialist, the client is then put into contact with the relevant product team, or in some cases many of them at the same time.  The product teams are predominantly responsible for the successful execution of the transaction, including structuring and transaction optimisation, and finally distribution into one of the Sovereign Wealth Funds or other clients if needed.

Vision Finance offers structuring and execution services in the areas of:

1. Capital Raising

       - Debt ( Eurobonds, Loans, Guarantees

       - Leveraged Debt including MBOs and Acquisition Finance

       - Structured Finance (project finance, securitisations, export and commodity financing)

       - Equities  (IPOs, pre IPOs, reverse IPOs, Private Placements)

       - Advanced Equities (convertibles, exchangeables, warrants, PIPS)

2.  Corporate Finance

       - Valuations

       - Privatisations

       - Nationalisations fairness opinions

       - Mergers and Acquisitions

       - valuations of debt and buyback negotiations

3.  Hedging Transactions 

       - assistance with market operations

       - valuations

       - advanced customised brokerage services for illiquid transactions

       - structuring of transactions to ensure maximum capital efficiency

4.  Commodities Brokerage 

       - assistance with market operations

       - brokerage of Energy / Metals / Agricultural / Chemical and Natural Events products

       - side transactions including corporate hedging, sovereign hedging, financing, exporting and disposal

       - unique solution for greenfield projects

5.  Cash Management and Quant Services

       - assistance with portfolio optimisations, including VAR input model

       - specific client lead ideas