Structured Deposit Products

In the current market environment deposits are key, not only as they represent a relatively low cost method of obtaining financing (albeit growing one), but also as they enable the banks to extract additional fees.

The market opportunity is even more significant, as with the globally collapsing interest rates, savers are no longer able to place the standard deposit with the aim of obtaining a steady flow of interest payments, and as the result are often driven to take greater risks with their deposits in order to boost the interest.

Vision Finance can assist you to structure the deposits in the correct way.  By purchasing options from us (or our partners) you will be able to exchange the normally paid out interest on the deposit for the option, collecting a fee and offering the investor an interesting alternative to the standard interest bearing deposits.

Interest Boosting Deposits

In majority of jurisdictions Bank Deposits are required to be principal protected and available on demand.   this presents challenges to the structured deposits, which Vision Finance is able to assist you with solving (depending on the jurisdiction).

the Interest Boosting Deposits usually place the interest at risk, offering a higher than standard level of coupon in the event of the correctly predicting the behaviour of third assets, such as equities or commodities.

Deposits can be from a period as short as 6 months to the 1 / 2 year structures.

Time Deposits

Time deposits, and increasing loyality programs are designed at ensuring that the deposit holders do not "flip" to the bank which offers them a slightly higher deposit rates.  The current market environment is leading to increasingly aggressive competition amongst the banks for the deposits, and this trend is expected to continue, as savers learn about the competitive offers of other banks.