Ministry of Finance

In the times when there are no safe heavens, even the governments needs to be especially diligent about the Financial Markets, including constant monitoring of investor sentiments and rating agency opinions.

Ministry of Finance should also ensure that its cost of debt is kept to the minimum and at the stable level.

Capital Raising

We can assist you in preparation of the tender process and selection of suitable international bookrunners for your debt.  Our knowledge of the markets, enables us to negotiate a suitable level of fees for you, as well as the timely execution of the planned transactions.

Capital Raising:  Private Placements

If you need money quickly, and are willing to pay a premium for the speed, please contact us.   We have the relationships with number of Sovereign Wealth Funds, who at the right price would be able to offer you financing.  

Capital Raising:  Structured Products

Ministries of Finance are frequently a popular issuance vehicle for clients who are keen to protect the value of their principal, but are keen to have a structured coupon.  Such products often offer the legally required principal protection, yet at the same time offer an ability to customize the coupon repayment profile, possibly liniking it to Equities Markets, commodities, and other assets and their combinations.

Risk Management / Hedging

We are able to prepare you to prepare the hedging policy and to conduct tenders, valuations and execution of the relevant derivatives transactions., including cross currency and interest rate transactions. 

We can conduct a study to investigate your existing exposures, time profiles of debt and current ratio of risk to debt servicing costs.  Governments often have an ability to significantly affect their debt servicing costs.  Our unique and propriatory developed Portfolio Analyzer will outline your multi asset risk composition before and after the proposed / analyzed trades.

Consultancy on Investor Relations and Rating Agency Relations

Our knowledge of rating agencies, gives us a unique ability to act as a liaison officers between them and you, ensuring that  

   - you are kept to date about their concerns and actions

   - you keep them upto date about your actions and planned developments