Cooperation Opportunities

Vision Finance is  undergoing ambitious expansion plan.  In just two months we opened approximately 30 offices around the world (still some in process of signing), and hired 75 people in our product structuring center in Chennai in India.  Our range of services is similar to that of other investment banks, but our speed of work and efficiency cannot be matched.  We use latest conferencing and book building tools.  We use Central Point of Intelligence, ensuring that services for our clients are global and not regional.  We put great emphasis on our relationships.

Operating a highly incentive based system of packages we ensure that our clients get a superior service and our bankers are the best paid in the industry.  We are passionate about the performance of our Country Repreentatives, as only by working with the best people we can ensure best client service.

Our aim is to become the leader in the financial services market in the Emerging Markets world, and through efficiency and innovation we are quickly working on achieving this. 

We are looking for partners who can assisit us with establishing and maintaining superior client relationships with clients located in the New World countries.  You should have a proven track record of success.  You will be assisted with all the structuring and execution of the transactions.

Our target clients include government institutions, corporations, banks, investors and other financial institutions, as well as private banking clients.

Please browse our Services to learn about our offering.  Below we also show you which is our focus 

 - regions

 - industries (selcted, as mining, FIG and sovereigns are on a seperate presentations)

 - products (selected, as corporate finance, private banking, quant and hedging are on a seperate presentations)


Please do not hesitate to work with us.  We offer attractive performance only based fees.  We will not require exclusivity from you.  If we do not deliver - we will not be paid and that is fair banking.  We are also not worried that you will run away to do the deal with another bank, for once you work with Vision Finance, you will realise that there is a totally new, efficiently and friendly way to do business.  No catches.  No exclusivitiy.  Just hard work and results.

Local Representatives  / Originators

Though we have expanded into number of countries, we are still actively looking for Heads and Representatives in some of the cities listed below.  You will be provided with the client list, target transactions as well as necessary information materials.  Vision Finance will also ensure attractive execution, either via brokerage or direct involvement of other financial institutions.  You will be structured under the one banking group umbrella, and you will have an access to the balance sheet of other large financial institutions.

Ideally you will have experience with either financial, legal or civil administration, as well as the drive and energy to succeed.  Scope of your mandate, compensation as well as any exclusivity agreements will depend on your experience and value added to our organization.

Even if you can only assist us with a small number of transactions, please do not hesitate to contact us and monetize the value of your relatioinships.  By keeping to the simple business model, Vision Finance is able to pay attractive commission rates.

If your city is not listed below - please contact us.  Please note that with number of the cities below we either alrady have a signed agreement or are in exclusive negotiation talks.

RUSSIA & FSU Countries 


         St Petersburg
















         Cape Town       





















         Dar es Salam


         Porto Novo
















         Abu Dhabi









         Tel Aviv 









          Bangalore (research center)



          Hong Kong








          Kuala Lampur





          Phnom Penh




          Port Moresby




















          Mexico City

          Sao Paulo


          Buenos Aires

          La Paz









          San Jose


          Port of Spain



          San Salvador


          Belize City



          Santo Domingo

          San Juan




Independent Bankers

If you are an independent (or in a small firm) structurer with knowledge of tax, accounting, quants, please contact us.  Your skills do not need to be idle and we can ensure that you are paid per each transaction that you work on.  You will be paid superior performance based compensation to that of any bank, all this with a unique access to over 1000 clients worldwide.

Research Areas

Vision Finance is happy to sponsor interesting research projects that will focus on the New World.  Your research should show originality of thought, and should cover areas not traditionally covered by the other global investment banks.  We are very much focued on Emerging Markets and are interested in any research that combine Finance with Economics, including local analysis using Balassa-Samuelson Effects and Rostow Growth Models.  Please contact  for more information.

Structurers and Graduates

Please contact us if you have transaction experience and would like to join one of our Deal Execution teams:

   - Capital Markets

   - M&A Transactions

   - Global Markets

Further Information

If you have any questions with respect to the above information or would like to discuss ideas of your own, please contact us on  

Lets discover what Vision Finance can do for you, and what you can do for Vision Finance.