Private Equity

Private equity is an increasingly challenging business, requiring fast adaptation and decision making process.

Facing large competition and increasingly difficult market conditions in both raising the money and realizing the sales, it is more important then ever to ensure that the investments are not only growth orientated, but also capable of producing the needed cashflows.

Vision Finance is closely focused on the Financial Sponsors, recognizing the significance of the development of the long term relationship.

Our Services

Vision Finance cooperates with the Private Equity companies in number of areas, including

 - investment analysis and valuations

 - capital raising for the project, including equity, mezzanine and senior debt

 - structuring of advances financing tools such as PIK notes other forms of subordinated securities

 - assistance with the exit strategy, including sale to the strategic investor

In addition Vision Finance is itself involved with selective investments, in which selective Private Equity companies are capable of participating.  These business include:

  - renewable energy projects

  - carefully selected internet portals

  - 3rd generation telecom companies

  - oil fields in the Caspian Sea basin

  - companies offering support services to Oil Majors