Vision Finance and indeed entire network of companies belonging to Vision Holdings recognises that our company has a significant responsibility in ensuring that we live in the better world, in symbiosis not only with each other, but also with our mother Earth.  In simple economic terms, when Vision Finance maximises shareholder value, it maximises not the profits, but the profits AFTER ensuring our positive footprint on our environment.  Being a private independent company we can do this.  This is our Culture and our passion.

Vision Finance recognizes that there are many problems around the world, yet one that to us is truly global, affecting everybody, and destructive to the entire humankind is that of Global Warming and other areas that are irresponsibly affecting our environment (overfishing, bees colony issues, water issues, wasting of natural resources, etc).  Protecting the envoronment is not even about our love of the wild animals or bears - its about us, Humans.  We are not idealistic here but in many ways are simply afraid of the direction in which we are heading.




Please act now before its too late. Start with your life and make sure that your MPs and friends know about this issue. We don't want your money - we want POLITICAL GOODWILL to ensure that the following Vision Finance ideas are implemented: 

(a) pricing adjustments via taxes and subsidies are used to rebalance 

(i)consumption of meat vs farming goods - it is 54 times more inefficient in terms of energy use to eat beef than beans

          - simple meat tax would take about 300 million people away from the poverty line

          - meat tax is an excellent way to fill the budget holes in "developed countries"

          - healthy eating means healthier society and less costs on healthcare

          - lack of policies on this issue is simply ignorance and negligence of the major problem and global negative externality

          - freed up land resources could be used to cultivate oil rich renewable crops to help with oil problems

(ii) higher petrol taxes for transport companies to support local products

          - one has to recognise that airplanes will not fly on batteries, and that oil almost needs to be protected for future generations

(iii) clean vs dirty energy, including global provision of financing for global Hydro deals like Grand Inga and projects in Nepal

(iv) private vs public transport (the trick is simple: make public transport BETTER than private transport, not just cheaper)

(b) clean energy such as CO2 limits and use of fluorescent bulbs are enforced globally even with the use of soft political "pushers" like international travel visas requirements for polluting countries who do not comply 

(c) gas fumes are utilised and not burned into the atmosphere as it makes no economic sense to convert it  - this is waste

(d) reforestation projects in countries that have 80% unemployment and ability to plant the trees. Oxygen is a global resource. 

(e) moving all aluminum smelting plants away from places like Dubai and Bahrain, to places like Russia, Congo, Nepal, Georgia which have spare Hydro electricity capacity.   Frankly, aluminum from Dubai and Bahrain should be taxed for total inefficiency and environmental unfriendliness, and waste of their own resource.

We need to act together on this before it is too late.  Please click on the banner above to learn what you can do.  

And to all the critics who say that "the world will warm up anyway and it is natural process" - well even if you are right it does not mean that you should not at least try to do something about this.  When you live in the flood plain, you build flood defenses, if you live in Tokyo you build Earthquare prove buildings, and in the same way, even if we recognice that Global Warming is a natural process, we as humans should be smart enough to realise that we can still try to control it.