Philosophy & Modus Operandi

Our Philosophy

Our Philosophy is to remain fully transparent with our clients, avoiding potential conflicts of interest, and protecting them from having unnecessary costs.

Despite the recent financial turmoil, Investment Banking is becoming an increasingly competitive business, where more and more banks are able to offer products that only few years ago were restricted to few players.

The oligopolies in the capital raising, m&a activity have been largely shaken. Talented bankers move regularly between various institutions, spreading their knowledge and expertise.

In such environment, when every bank has the same range of products and services, you are in particular need of the advisors that enable you to understand them from your side of the table.



1. Local based origination capabilities via the extensive network of senior people who understand the local business and have the proven track record of achievement in their respecive countries

2. Superior products and solutions, customised via extensive structuring experience to the needs of the Emerging Markets

3. Distribution directly to top 30 Sovereign Wealth Funds, who collectively control USD 3.2 trillion, equivalent to 12.7% of global GDP. Our conflict of interest free model, non recourse model makes us their originator of choice.  We show all the transactions  that we have identified as potentially interesting to our clients.

4. Use of the Vision Holdings network, including Vision Engineering, Vision Legal, Vision Accounting and Vision Due Diligence entites, enabling us to minimise the costs of projects for our clients from the design phase to the execution phase.

Our Unique Model:

1.  We do not use our balance sheet, hence we do not compete for business with our investors.  This is our conflict free model.

All our transactions are also without any recourse to Vision Finance, yet are structured by Vision Finance including performance gaurantees, credit export agency agreements, reinsurance contracts with supernational entities.

2.  Highly efficient business model, with the use of latest technology that enables us to maximise the efficiency of our key people.  We have centralised global point of intelligence enabling smooth processing of information between any two countries in the world.  We operate no titles policy, we promote simplicity, where possible we are paperless, we fly our only when needed - though we have our bankers on the ground to maintain and cherish our Client Relationships.

Vision Finance is more than the corporation, it is a Culture.

Our Capital is:

1.  Our Relationships, superior to all our competitors, where one banker represents all business products, facilitating discussions on all forms of financing products, M&A and deeper level of strategy.  This holistic approach is key in EM world and key to our Vision. 

2.  Our Conflict Free model of Distribution, focused on thirty investors who collectively represent USD 3.2 trillion of real liquid assets.  

3.  Our Innovation, ensuring proper structuring of transactions to maximise efficiency and minimise client transaction costs.  We have developed our own proprietary models including Implied EM CDS spreads for all EM countries, Vision Finance Sovereign Ratings that take into account both credit risk inflation risk, advanced brokerage solutions and hedging capabilities.