Central Banks

Central Banker:  an impossible job?

Being a central banker in 2010 is not easy.  Gone are the days when one had to carefully monitor inflation and adjust when needed.  Todays Central Bankers need to be not only in control of inflation, but also deflation, growth, deficit, currency strength, debt, and basically the entire economy.

In addition bring in the banking supervision, domestic and international coordination pressures, and this about completes the tasks of the Central Banker.

At Vision Finance we assist Central Bankers in:

Money Management  & Investments

Carefully selected investment products, offering liquid, low risk and relatively attractive yields.  Vision Finance cooperates with various investment banks, enabling you to have a full choice of products under one roof.  Its never bean easier to compare your various investment options.

Vision Finance also offers a range of principal protected investment products, enabling 

Development of Local Financial Markets

Number of our clients, both corporates and financial institutions are keen at hedging their risks with respect to local currency.  Importers and Exporters alike are keen to have a forecastable pricing policies, enabling them to have steady revenues and wages. They are often looking to hedge.

Central Banks are hence fundamental in both enabling and at times often stimulating the development of local markets.

Supervision of Banking Clients

Many of the Central Banks are also responsible for banking supervision, and in specific monitoring of their capital ratios.  Central Banks hence decide if banks should be allowed to issue Tier 2 and even Tier 1 capital?  Vision Finance employees have advised various Central Banks on this issue, gaining access to both the pros and cons of the decisions.  Vision Finance is happy to provide you with its results.