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                    with Vision Finance since February 2011


I am fun, friendly, well mannered, focused and flexible individual who responds well to 

positive changes in my environments. I am an analytical, fast and focused learner, highly motivated by complex challenges requiring innovative solutions.

I am also a well organized, result oriented and objective individual who believes in Machiavelli’s famous quote “the ends justify the means” and its application in most cases and also in my favorite religious scripture in Ecclesiastes 9:11 which states that “The race is not to the swift or the battle to the strong, nor does food come to the wise or wealth to the brilliant or favor to the learned; but time and chance happen to them all.”

I am a highly skilled & careful driver who enjoys to travel and experience new and different scenery. I am emotionally intelligent and considerate, understanding that most of, if not all, human relationships are built on intrinsic emotional connections, consciously and/or unconsciously.

I am a highly self aware and confident individual who in many instances has been mistaken of being arrogant and stubborn by some of my acquaintances, friends & family.

I enjoy keeping fit by working out, walking and sometimes swimming. I also enjoy mind provoking discussions and thoughts that challenge the status quo.




I am an associate member of the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants (CIMA) as well as the Zambia Institute of Chartered Accountants (ZICA). 

I attained my CIMA full professional qualification in May 2004 and my Advanced Diploma in Management Accounting in December 2002, both whilst studying at the Zambia Centre for Accountancy Studies between January 2000 and December 2003.

I furthered my professional skills, during my employment days by obtaining the Basic Stock Brokers & Investment Advisors Certificate in 2005 which was conducted by Zambia Insurance Business College Trust in conjunction with Lusaka Stock Exchange and The Securities & Exchange Commission.  

I also attained several Fraud, Forensic Investigations & Money Laundering Certificates of attendance between 2004 and 2007.  



GCE O’ level                                               Mpelembe Secondary School from 1995 to 1999                                             

Primary School                                         Kabwe & Nkana Trust School from 1987 to 1994                                 


Visionary Group of Companies from April 2007 – To date


I am currently managing Visionary Group, a businesses with various business interests cutting across several industries. Having incorporated the first business of the group in 2005, I resigned from fulltime employment in April 2007, in order to fully pursue and focus on my business aspirations & dreams which were mainly inspired by the knowledge I had come to possess and understand whilst growing up. This being that, true freedom & wealth lies in the ability to apply and utilize ones’ God given capacities in being a blessing to others.


The group consists of three main subsidiaries in which it has controlling stakes. These are:    


·         Visionary Capital & Property Investments Ltd (Vicapri Enterprises) whose primary business is property investments & finance through my ingenious branded U’SLABB® (You Sell Lease and Buy Back) product as well as the hospitality industry through its Vicapri House - Boutique Hotels division.


·     Visionary Commodities & Mineral Resources Ltd (Vicomin Resources), whose business interests is in exploration, mining, agriculture & commodities processing, marketing & trading.


·         Visionary Energy Corporation Ltd (Vienco) is an energy production, trading and marketing distribution business.


As Executive Director/Chairman I am responsible for overseeing the management of the above companies. I am also responsible for directing the businesses towards their goals through various management tools ensuring that the targets for each of the companies above are met.


In my years of managing these businesses I have amongst the many other responsibilities carried out the following:


·        I have ensured that necessary resources are available as and when they are needed.

·       I have sourced for external funding by meeting with and negotiating funding requirements with the financial institutions and private investors.

·     I ensure all regulatory requirements are met, that is trading licenses, business permits, and tax filings are done on a timely manner.

·        I carry out the marketing functions as well as the public relations by selling the ideas of the organization and obtaining new business.

·     I have also aided and been involved in preparing financing documents for two medium sized financial institutions in Zambia, these being Pelton Finance a micro-lending institution and Commercial Capital Corporation Limited a leasing company who were on the private market seeking to raise ZMK7.5million and ZMK10million respectively.

·        In addition to the above I have designed and implemented accounting systems and procedures for several businesses through my consultancy work, trained members of staff on how to effectively utilize these systems.

·         I have also carried out investment analysis appraisals as well as business valuations as demonstrated when I appraised a brewery in one town south of Lusaka in which our customer wanted to invest in the brewery.


Vision Finance February from 2011 – To date


I am also currently the country representative of Vision Finance, an emerging markets investment banking boutique. My major role as country rep for this organization is to identify, initiate and source for business transactions that are of interest to the organization i.e. mainly government funding & project finance amongst many other responsibilities.


Cavmont Life & Asset Management from July 2005 – March 2007


I worked for Cavmont Life & Asset Management as Fund Accountant prior to being promoted to head the Finance & Administration Department.


As a Fund Accountant and Finance & Administration Manager my roles included but were not limited to the following:

-                      Preparation of regulatory and management reports

-                      Maintenance of investment records

-                      Investment analysis and management

-                      Liquidity and risk management

-                      Business development and marketing

-                      Liaison with clients, auditors and other stakeholders

-                      Processing of pension contributions and claims

-                      Supervising administration staff


Comesa from May 2005 – June 2005


Prior to Cavmont Life & Asset Management I had resigned from active employment to carry out accounts consultancy with one of the European Development Fund funded projects at the Common Market for East and Southern Africa (COMESA) which were called RESA and African Trade Insurance Agency (ATI) projects.


My role in this project was to close the program accounts and have them audited by the EDF appointed auditors. I completed this work with a time frame of two months, within a month. Using my management accounting skills I completed both project accounts from information stationed in three countries, namely Zambia, Zimbabwe and Kenya. I had to liaise with officers in Zimbabwe and Kenya to get all the required information that enabled me to complete this task.


Having understood the scope of the projects I started by collecting all the information that I thought was relevant. This took me two weeks after which I put together what I could within a week. To fill in the gaps I had to liaise with the banks namely Standard Chartered Bank, Zambia who I created a rapport with. This made it easy for me as they helped me get some other missing information from Zimbabwe as well as Kenya. I completed the preparation of both sets of accounts for the projects in the fourth week having them both reviewed and authorized for submission to the EDF. 


Cavmont Capital Bank Limited from December 2003 – April 2005


I joined Cavmont Capital Bank Ltd as a Management Trainee and worked through up-to the level of Management Accountant reporting directly to the Finance Manager in the Head Office Finance department. My duties included:

-                      Preparation of Management accounts for the whole bank

-                      Preparation of Bank of Zambia statutory monthly returns

-                      Analysis of costs and incomes from all branches and departments

-                      Supervision of subordinate members of staff in Finance Department

-                      Preparation of Cavmont Stock Brokers monthly accounts

-                      Checking all journal entries, ensuring they are correctly prepared before being processed.    

-                      Making cash payments and ensuring they are properly receipted

-                      Maintenance of the fixed assets register

-                      Various account reconciliations involving inter-branch transactions

-                      Preparation of audit schedules and maintenance of accountable imprest account

-                      Outward clearing of Cheques and Making electronic transfers (DDACC) of funds


Notable Achievements during my stay at Cavmont Capital Bank


During my stay at the bank I introduced automated processes of reconciling inter-branch accounts, which reduced the reconciliation processes from over five days to less than four hours. I also put together a fixed assets register under minimum supervision. This was done from basically incomplete information, which was due to the merger of former New Capital Bank Plc. and Cavmont Merchant Bank.


I also proposed an automated system in the processing of DDACC between Head Office and the Branches that would make the processing of Direct Debits and Credits received from The Electronic clearing house faster.


In addition to the above I also represented the bank at the technical level with The Bankers Association of Zambia.


Industrial Attachments - College breaks between January 2001 and December 2002.


I worked for MTN Special Engagements Ltd for a total of six months during my vocational breaks.


My duties included helping with routine office accounts work such as bank reconciliation, writing management reports and recommendations, preparation of payments as well as assisting audit seniors in various audits conducted by the firm. The bulk of these audits were for project falling under organizations such as The United Nations, World Vision, The African Development Bank to mention but a few. The areas I audited include accounting and disbursement of the donor funds, review of contract agreements, fixed assets, payroll, income and expenses, ensuring that the procedures are complied with, stock, cash, debtors, creditors and various reconciliations