Products for Corporate Customers

Commercial Banks in Emerging Markets often have very good understanding of their corporate customers, dealing with them since their inception, and prividing them with the range of services from account operations,  to financing and letters of credit.

As the corporate customers grow, they might require banks to provide them with new innovative products, such as structured financing deals, or hedging products on the financing transactions and business activities (imports and exports).  

Furthermore, your understanding of your client, its business and its risks is a vital element to our cooperation proposal.

Your bank would hence act as an intermediary between your corporate customers and Vision Finance and its partners.

Various products that we offer to our coorporates, can also be offered to your clients.  Please have a look under the Corporations section for more details about such products.

Capital Raising

   - financing in excess of your banks abilities, or in the format not supported by your bank

   - your bank would act act as a co-arranger earning the fees on the transaction 

Hedging Transactions

   - hedging of interest rate risk on the financing deals

   - hedging of foreign exchange on either its liabilities, assets or business activities

   - hedging of commodity risks if the company deals with either production or processing of natural resources

   - structured hedging: event hedging, weather derivatives and catastrophe protection

Mergers & Acquisitions

   - if you see that your client has an interest in acquisition - let us know, we can work together

   - acquisitions often mean financing transactions on which we will co-operate with you

Commodities Brokerage

   - arrangement of commodities transactions that are essential to its production process

   - examples include:  oil for transport companies, gas for chemical companies, base metals for manufacturing

   - base metals:  Copper, Aluminium, Zinc, Lead, NIckel, Tin, Steel, NASAAC, Cobalt, Molybdenum

   - power:  coal, electricity, oil, gas, jet fuels for airlines, petrol, etc

   - agricultural commodities: corn, wheat, coffee, cotton, sugar

   - precious metals: gold, silver, platinum, palladium

Cash Management

   - provision of liquid and value preserving and interest making financial products

   - establishment of employee pension schemes and investment programs

Vision Finance is not only focused on large corporations, but is keen to expand into the mid-tear segment.  We are keen to cooperate with you in this process.