Vaulation Services

In the era of complex financial instruments, being able to valuate the investments is as tricky as structuring them.

Some, though simple, are simply very illiquid, and hence especially providing the marketable valuation is difficult.  

Others, are extremely complex, incorporating proprietary technologies of issuing entities, and the only way to properly value them is to obtain the valuation from the bank that sold them.   Vision Finance can estimate the value, but cannot either assure it and certainly cannot trade on it.

In addition there are also valuation models of real assets such as land, hotels, and other businesses, where one can incorporate the DCF modelling, standard yield calculation, or some sort of middle method, especially if the project is already in the project of being built.

Vision Finance can also provide you with the estimate valuations on the ventures that you are planning to undertake, so that you have the second opinion to that of your other financial advisors and sellers.

The model

In addition to providing you with the valuation, Vision Finance will usually normally provide you with your own valuation model, enabling you to carry out the valuation yourself when the parameters change.